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"If you were to go a One Direction or a Justin Bieber concert you see all the kids in their best dresses with fancy shoes and they’ve done their hair and they’re making themselves all prim and proper, they want the guys to see them or whatever. Whereas my fans are very similar to me, every single one of them is a misfit. They gravitate towards me, they like the misfit thing. It’s relatable. That’s why they’re so sound, they’re all misfits like me"
— Ed Sheeran, AU News (via sheeriosnotcheerios)

"Graham has got big. He was meant to eat kitten food but he ate loads of cat food and got really fat and bowel problems, that was interesting for my carpet. He actually got his own column in a magazine now. He’s got an agony column as well. He’s moving up in the world"
— Ed Sheeran talking about Graham at the Logies 2014 (via usasheeran)


Sing on snl

Track Title: Sing

Artist: Ed Sheeran on SNL

Ed Sheeran performs SING on SNL

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Ed and his Godson

Ed and his Godson

Track Title: In My Life (Live)

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: The Night That Changed America

Ed Sheeran | In My Life (Live on The Night That Changed America)